Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March is our starting frame...

So, February has ended and we are moving into March.  We have a new deck... the teak is gone :-( but so are the leaks :-)  Actually, we really like it... it doesn't burn our feet!  We also have a new electric windlass!  No more back breaking for Tom... it's not easy hauling up 150+ feet of chain and anchor!  Now we're into the home stretch.  Time to take the cat to the vet to get the Bahamas permit signed off.  Time to preregister for US Customs check in for when we return (may not have to make a physical appearance that way, but no guarantees).  Time to get the decal (user tax) for coming and going.  Time to order a few new charts.  Time to check all the safety equipment and make sure we have ways to secure everything inside and out.  Time to provision, provision, provision.  There's a good chance we will take way more than we need, but it is a shakedown cruise after all.  We will be taking the car up to Virginia to sit out cruising time.  All of this should be completed in the next couple of weeks, then we will mosey on down south 'til we reach the West Palm Beach area.  That's where we plan to cross, probably leaving late one night so we arrive in the morning and can see where we're going.  We plan to check in at West End, but none of our plans are written in stone, or even sand at this point.  We'll try to keep current just in case anyone would like to know what we're up to.
Happy Sails, T & B