Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A few long days, some skinny water and a new anchorage...

I think we left you at River Dunes...not a bad spot to linger. But, we did move on.

Camp Lejeune live fire in ICW

Several days and a couple of nights, one at Town Creek in Beaufort, NC, and one at Mile Hammock Bay (both anchorages we've enjoyed before), and we found ourselves once again at Wrightsville Beach. Mile Hammock is good, but it is just south of the live fire range for Camp Lejeune. Glad the lights weren't flashing, it can hold you up for several hours!

We generally stay 2 nights at Wrightsville Beach and this trip was no exception. It's a great place to stretch our legs and do a little provisioning. There is a Publix and a West Marine a couple of miles from the anchorage, so the walk was refreshing and we were able to pick up everything we needed.

WB also offers a nice little beach town right there at the anchorage. We wandered down to the beach to watch the waves crashing ashore. Both days the lifeguards had the red flag flying. Needless to say the weather was not quite ready for us to venture outside. We've been out there in worse, but it's just not fun!

Wonders never cease! We actually caught the tide for our ride down the Cape Fear River! What a hoot...scooting along at 8.5kts. Of course, as soon as we turned into Southport, we made a dramatic drop to 4kts. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

We tried a new, for us, anchorage and really liked it. Little River is just off the ocean and is a popular local destination. There were a couple of other boats there for the night. We could easily have jumped outside from there, but decided to wait one more day for the weather. Man, were we second guessing that decision all day! All day ended up being 11 hours, fighting current for 6 of those.

Snug tug!

Ugh! It was a pretty stretch of the ICW, but nothing elephants or even alligators!  Another close tug and barge, and a bit of this and that. We did experience wildlife at our anchorage that night at Minim Creek. Mosquitoes were in no short supply! Ok, this one is coming off our list...we'll be picking a new spot to set the hook!

Don't go there!

There were some shallow and rocky areas along the ditch...

Cooter's has it all!

...and some funny ads!

I could go on to catch you up with our current location, but I think I'll pick it up again tomorrow, or maybe the day after...

Hope you'll stick with us a bit longer, we're not fast, but we are steady!