Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's all new and fresh again...

...and we're relearning and learning anew!

Day 1: not much practice with the new electric windlass, so anchoring was less than ideal. But, now that we have a better feel for it, we are loving it! Tom's back is particularly fond of it.
Day 2: St. Augustine mooring was great. We had wind one direction and current the other, so it took us awhile to determine the best location for the ball so as not to put too much pressure against the dolphin spike.
Day 3: trying out a new anchorage, recommended by a friend, with a chart showing 14' of water, we discovered what is evidently a shallow spot! We grounded in mud that seemed to suck us down. We ended up calling in the pros (TowBoat US)and proceeded to mystify our rescuer. Took him almost an hour to free us. Turned out to be a lovely spot and we spent a peaceful night and got out without issue. What we did discover is that there is not more than about 8' of water, even at high tide in the best spots.
Days 4 & 5: we have been lazy and relaxed in Titusville. They have a new mooring field here and it was a nice little spot for an extra day. They also have a lot of space for anchoring so we checked that out for next time.

We don't really plan to post day by day, but since each day so far has had its little challenges, we wanted to make note. We're trying to get all the little adjustments out of the way early in the trip. We do plan to post pictures, but we still have to figure that out!

The great thing is that the weather has been amazing, the porpoise are swimming everywhere, seen a couple of manatees and skates, and we are enjoying ourselves. We are looking forward to connecting with friends in a few days a little further south and all is well.