Thursday, December 12, 2013

“Christmas in the Caribbean…

..…got everything but snow.”


Snow or no snow, Plan A was to head south from VA in September, have work done on the boat in Green Cove Springs (near Jax, FL) in October, and be in Boot Key/Marathon, FL by Thanksgiving to enjoy winter in the Keys! Obviously, that didn’t happen, as we are still in GCS, and Plans B through W met with a similar fate…leaving us now with Plan X: sit high and dry in the boatyard until the work is completed and then decide how far south to go and for how long! That is, unless the railroad bridge, currently closed for repairs, is unable to open again (allowing us access to the ICW and the Atlantic) or the work takes until spring to complete, in which case Plan Y or Z will see us heading north after a long winter in the St. Johns River!

Meanwhile, we are getting our daily exercise climbing up and down the ladder to the boat and hiking the ¼ mile to the bathrooms and showers. But, it’s sunny and warm most days and it is a much easier drive from here to VA to be with the family for Christmas!

Christmas with family is about as good as it gets!
So, Merry Christmas to you wherever you are!
                             May you and yours have a season filled with peace and joy!


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