Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in Norfolk

Yes, not my favorite because of all the ship traffic and everything, but it really is pretty at night with the lights.

It was a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay! It was cool enough to be pleasant and sunny and warm enough to enjoy being on the water. We fought the tide most of the way, and there was not a breath of wind until, we got to Hampton, and then not much.

Wolf Trap Light

For those of you not accustomed to rapid transit via sailboat, our trip today from Carter's Creek to Hospital Point on the Portsmouth side of the river (59 nautical miles or 68 miles) took almost the exact amount of time it takes us to drive from Jacksonville, FL to Richmond, VA (650 miles)!

We sped past Wolf Trap Light at a lightening speed of 5.8 knots...it was tough to get a picture with it flashing by, but I tried. See that spec with the single beam of light hitting it?  Well, that's Wolf Trap. The photo almost looks like I caught it's beam, cool huh!

Let's see, today there were dolphins...always a treat, and a pretty rare sighting for us, a huge sea turtle! There was something off the starboard bow that we couldn't identify until it stretched it's neck, raised it's head and paddled into a dive. We've seen a few sea turtles over the years, but this one was  so big, and right by the boat...very exciting!

Full moon rising over Norfolk

Even though we struggled a little with coming into the channel amid the big ships, tugs and barges, etc., all in all it was a pretty good day, and a beautiful evening.

Sometimes it can just take your breath away!
Thanks for letting us share it with you!


Tom & Barb said...

This post was actually Thursday, 9/19. :-)

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