Tuesday, September 24, 2013

By yiminny, 3 tugs in 30 minutes...

...but I'm getting ahead of myself!

It was a beautiful day, a bit overcast with threatening clouds out in front of us. We had a lovely uneventful day Saturday as we headed for our anchorage in the Alligator River. We like to go over to the southeast corner and drop the hook. We are generally alone there because there have been reports of cypress knees and stumps. Those reports are not exaggerated, but we have found if you go slow and keep an eye out it's not too bad.

Fuzzy tree!

It's a great spot with good protection and good holding, and this day was no exception. We had a good laugh tho' when we looked at the paper chart we've been using for several years...Tom had written "anchor near the fuzzy tree." Gotta' tell you, the whole coastline is cypress and pine trees! We also had the spot marked on our chart plotter, and guess what...we think we found the fuzzy tree!

Maggie at Alligator River

Maggie enjoyed this spot as well until the dark clouds caught up with us for a rainy night and rainy Sunday.

Ever wonder about those things that go bump in the night? We both bolted upright when we heard it, thinking maybe we were dragging anchor or something hit the boat. Tom ventured out in the rain, we checked everything inside and out, but found nothing. The only thing we could figure was that a big gust of wind caused the wind generator to brake, making a loud groan.

Back to our opening line...
As we headed back to the ICW, we watched a tug and barge go by, took our time to give him a good lead. As we approached the channel it appeared he turned around and was heading back toward us. We called him on the radio to ask if there was some obstruction in the canal. Turns out he was a different tug and barge heading north and had just passed the first one we saw. Low and behold that first tug did turn around after all and headed back toward us! Thus, 3 tug and barges in 30 minutes, and two of them were the same one! The Alligator/Pungo canal is only 90‘ wide, so we were happy to pass these guys before going into it!

Sunday was dreary and rainy, but not too bad. We were the only boat out there pretty much all day (not counting the tugs) except for one trawler who must have been in a great hurry as he threw a huge wake while blowing by us. Considerate boater? I don't think so!

The wind was a pretty steady 20 - 22 knots as we settled into our anchorage at Slade Creek. This is another favorite spot, and we always seem to be the only ones there.

River Dunes pool overlooking marina

For those of you who enjoy a nice snug marina, our next 2 nights were like nirvana! After a day of gusty winds, choppy following seas and rolling swells, we arrived to floating docks of Brazilian Cherry, swimming pool with cabanas, steam showers, bikes, golf carts, crew car, wifi, great protection, and a killer view! Bet you wish you were with us now!

Community Church

This is a beautiful development that got hit with the real estate crash, and is now starting to grow again. They have their own little community church, guest houses, lovely homes, and eventually shops and other retail.
Take a look at them at www.riverdunes.com.

Fuel dock, Harbor Club and pool in background
Guest cottages

Tomorrow we are on our way again. We should be anchored in Town Creek by early afternoon. Offshore is not looking promising for us this week, but we hope to get a day or two out there before too much longer.

In case you're really into this and noticed that our last 3 postings are out of order, I can't explain it. Obviously my technical genius does not apply to navigating and manipulating this blog...or perhaps it does and that's the problem.

In any case, thanks for bearing with us as we make our way along! 

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